Reg. No 981

Fitting a carpet using a Power Stretcher ensures that the carpet is stretched correctly, which provides a better finish and increases the overall performance of the carpet. Far greater tension can be gained compared to using just a standard knee kicker. Unfortunatley most fitters do not carry a power stretcher, and therefore cannot comply with the recommendations of BS5325, and those of carpet manufacturers.


I have on several occasions been asked by manufacurers to inspect and rectify installations by other retailers around the country, especially where a Power Stretcher was not originally used.  Often retailers and fitters will blame a faulty carpet for a poor installation, when  in fact the problem lies in poor fitting standards. The use of the correct tools, along with my attention to detail and knowledge of fitting techniqes, usually results in a good resolution to the problem, often saving the Manufactuer, or retailer, the cost of a replacement carpet as well as reducing the disruption to the customer.


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